Each Rimaya’s collection is a travel destination

it’s about time for our first blog post! As you may know already, Rimaya is a fashion brand that specializes in high-quality swimwear and beachwear for stylish women of the world who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Inspired by nature and adventure, we offer a refined collection of swimsuits, accessories, and travel essentials. Each piece is thoughtfully created like a piece of art, from our brand-exclusive handpainted prints all the way to the quality materials we source.

Allow Rimaya to take you on an adventure. Touch our products, feel the materials, look at the bold colors and prints. And close your eyes. Free your imagination and creativity.

Each of our collection is a travel destination on its own. Rimaya’s very first collection ‘Thira’ takes its name after the volcanic island of Santorini, where palettes of ice white, navy, and other shades of blue remind us of the island’s snow-drift Cycladic houses overlooking the Aegan sea.

Each accessory of clothing item whether it is the scarf or the bikini, will take you on a travel adventure. Through its elegant and timeless colors, signature floral patterns, and sporty designs, the ‘Thira’ collection is made for adventurous and stylish woman.