Here at Rimaya, we create more than just fashion. We blend fashion and art. Art that can go with you whenever, wherever. Because we believe that the closest art can be to us is on clothes. Clothes and accessories that we pick everyday, items that represent our personality and show who we are to the world without having to say a word. In order to make art accessible to the large public we decided to translate it into fashion.




The beautiful patterns that you see on our swimwear and travel essential items are carefully watercolor hand painted. Each collection has its own unique pattern that is designed just for Rimaya by the talented Keera Studio, and that will make you stand out in the crowd. Here you will always find unique prints that you will never be able to find anywhere else!

We play with neutrals, classic colors and shapes, and mix with artistic patterns, and create beautiful and functional products to suit the modern, elegant yet adventurous woman.


For instance, our first Thira collection offers a variety of swimwear, bikinis and scarves that draws inspiration from the magnificent Santorini island in Greece where hues of blues and whites can be found dancing and blending into each other. Our custom floral pattern symbolizes perfectly this travel destination and will take you on a summer adventure straight away.




Watercolor (or also known as aquarelle) is a painting method that is truly unique within its properties, each containing characteristics not found in any other painting medium. Colors are so transparent they visually appear to glow on the paper, or in our case, fabric.

The effortless and feminine look of it makes watercolor the most appropriate art technique for our travel essentials/swimwear brand since we aim to create garments for women that are functional and timeless at the same time.


After all what is fashion but wearable art?