Obsessed with the look of a bright white swimsuit but borderline terrified to wear one because, you know, it’s white? Just in time for swim season, we’ve got some good news: not all white swimsuits are sheer and knowing what to look for when buying one ensures that you won’t have to deal with any unintentional skin exposure at the beach or fashion faux pas.

Here are tips on what to look for when you shop for your white bikini:

  1. Make sure the fabric is thick enough
  2. Check that the swimsuit has full lining (a white or beige lining color)
  3. The bikini top has an opening for a bra pad, to have an extra layer of protection.

Double-lined suits will definitely help avoid any awkward flashes of things you’d rather keep private, and while the extra fabric often entails a higher price tag, this is a time when the splurge is worthwhile.

Now that you found your perfect white bikini, here is how to take care of it!

  1. Avoid sitting on rough or dark colored surfaces
  2. Keep the bronzer/self-tanner away
  3. Rinse immediately after use.
  4. Hand washing is best
  5. Always air dry your bathing suit
  6. Always lie them flat to dry. Either on a towel of a drying rack. This will also help to keep the swimsuits form streching out

Wear your bikini with confidence. The best bikini in the world will look unflattering if you keep your shoulders hunched and your posture sloppy. Show off what you’ve got! Stand up straight, keep your shoulders back, and hold your chin up. Add a smile and a confident attitude, and you’ll be stunning in that white bikini.

White has always been the color of elegance and purity. Your timeless white bikini will always be your go-to when you go on holidays, allowing you to go back to basics when you need a break from patterns and bold colors.


All we want is to be and feel pretty, sexy but mostly confident.